Monday, March 5, 2012

Other scrapbook kitty pages

I am working on another challenge and I needed a break so I decided to post a blog. Time to push away rules and tape and pull up some water and type!   Not a huge break, I really want to get this done before dinner but still a break. The pages I am scrapbooking are in no particular order, I just do them as I want the page done.  So you may see "early" Callie in one photo but the next layout there be "older" Callie.  Sorry, they are in order in my scrapbook :)

The book is only 6x6 so the pictures are main here.  These are the first two pages. The left page states "This is my kitty cat Callie" with the first photo we ever took of her.  We adopted her about 6 months old from our local shelter.  The best "donation" ( as they like to call it)  I ever gave.  On the right page she was trying out a new kitty hide toy moments later.  It states "Welcome Home________"  When my letter stamps come in it will say 11-29-11

The page layout here shows Callie playing with her basket.  Before she claimed it the basket held my out going mail. One day I come home and mails gone but she is in it. I tell her "no" but the next day was the same thing.  I am a smart girl, I picked my battles and I found a new outgoing mail storage system.  Besides this basket fits her and her blanket she claimed perfectly. 

New ones coming today! I just really need the letter stamps! 

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