Friday, June 29, 2012

Christmas Rolo---------

Little info to give other than I am going to go see ted! WEEEEEE!!! I still carry....*ahem* I still occasionaly look at my beloved teddy bear and I think I may get a kick out of the r version of me. 

I made this rolodex card using a lot of distress ink, glitter, MME paper, cheese cloth and a few different colors of spray ink.  Go figure my spray ink only shows up neon green in the photo and not the grand olive and browns it really is :) Eww, excuse my dusty rolo holder.  I did not notice till my photos were uploaded.  *writes in list to dust rolo....entire craft room*

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ginger Snap Scraps

My winnings from Ginger Snap Scraps came in before I went camping and I am just now getting around to posting this. As you can see I went for the paper :) I also got some ribbon too, but already put that into my container. I know its hard for you to tell what I picked in this photo so I will add photos from Ginger Snap Scraps.

Documented  Pad 6"X6"-Simple Stories  6x6 Simple stories documented paper pad. OH MY GOD Never had a paper pad made me cry but this one did. It has loving quotes and I will just use it all up for our anniversary gifts. The paper is perfect for expressing my feelings and making exactly what I want!

Documented Double-Sided Cardstock 12"X12"  1 single 12x12 sheet of bingo cards with fun titles on top!

Echo Park Mini Kit- Enjoy the RideEcho kit enjoy the ride. It has 6 12x12s and a sheet of matching stickers.
The Great Outdoors Collection Kit 12x12 Echo Park  The great out doors echo kit. Also 6 12x12s and a sheet of stickers

Lost/Found Christmas  Designer Paper Pad 6"X6" 24 Sheets  6x6 MME lost and found christmas paper pad. Already used many on cards and a rolo card as well. LOVELY pages, great colors!

Dear Lizzy Ribbon 4 ft.- American Crafts-White scallop ribbon.
Minis-Double-Sided 12x12 Paper Nikki Sivils  12x12 Nikki Sivils camping/outdoor theme paper. Darling and bright does not match a thing I have LOL!

Now...I won a gift code for 10$ for the store Ginger snap Scraps by playing in a hop over at Scrap and Chat . Of course all these goodies I picked was slightly over the 10$ but it was so easy to just pay the difference and have my winnings arrive at home!

GSS is such an easy online store to shop at, I had tons of fun and you can too! The great news is that they are having a huge sale over there! Things are 5% to 50% off but not all things so take a look before you assume. I wish I had waited :)  Go have fun! They pack your items well and they were located close to me..who knew!

Thank you Scrap and chat for doing the hop AND to Ginger Snap Scraps for the gift code prize.  I love my winnings and I very much appreciate my goodies! Time for me to scrap our camping and bike rides we have done. 

a few of my favorite things

I have been super bored and someone mentioned stick pins. I wanted to take a few photos of how I have used mine. Well that last one is just a recent page that I did and had a ton of fun making it.  Really TON of fun! These are just the pages I had out on my desk and I did not want to hunt through my books to take more photos of already done layouts.  I tend to use plain stick pins because I have no way of decorating them.  The metal heart one is an actual stickpin for hats. Yes, I sand papered it and no I do not feel bad about it. It will be forever kept in my scrapbook and thats better than it being tossed.

The good news is I found my niche and my crafty fun area. I love to rip things, I love to distress things and then add beautiful flowers or darling ribbons. Heh, I can finally do away with the simple designs I thought I love and go to town roughing things up, in a pretty way.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Loved you then, love you still-------

Info to come. Uploading photos while cleaning. How cool am I?

Ok so last night got a little crazy. We bought a used dishwasher and my husband has been installing it for the past....oh 2 months and last night we were able to hook it up to the sink with all those connections. In his credit our sink pipes broke, and then our sink faucet broke and then the drain cracked. We ran into issues! Ran it, took forever, half way though cleaning it was an hour in so really....2 hours to wash dishes. Ate up so much water so very very loud and...yeah the dishes are disgusting and dirty.

Do not ever buy things like this used. They were replaced for a reason. I cried, lol. I wanted to have a dishwaser and that free time so badly. I never thought handwashing dishes would take so long, and I am so scared to leave any dishes in a sink thinking it will bring unwated bugs in for free food.  Anyways, back to handwashing. At least that only takes an hour or so and I know they are clean! But now I have all yesterdays dishes and all todays. Plus the mess from repairing the sink.   

So I am just now getting around to typing this up.  You may wonder with all that work why am I here typing this up.  I want to get this posted and then get to work.  Its on my mind and I can work better without thinking...."after this I will blog, what will I say..what photos to add etc.etc."

Below are the challenges I am entering.  I loved doing this layout, the colors were hard to work with at times but I am getting better at finding my style. I am somewhere between shabby and grunge. Actually I am fibbing, my style is "I wanna try that!" I just love to do all different things I guess. 1 tag 3 stickers and 3 metal embellishments------ Time after time.  I am new here and spending too much time looking at all the old entries and challenges! My new fav. Place!!--------

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Birthday------

Very short post as I need to do dishes and get my room cleaned so the cat does not eat my flowers.  Wait....where did that cat go?

I was over at melonheadz and found the wording that I fell in love with. A few days later (hey I am busy!) I printed it out and made this card for an acquaintance.  I Love the quote and I thought the "in other words happy birthday" was funny.  Stuck to the 2 things I new, her favorite colors :)  Mailing it today so she should get it soon.  I made it simple, under 1 oz. and flat which are challenges in its own! I do not have a car to go to the post office at the moment so 1 stamp mailing is where its at now.

OMgoodness that ribbon really really matches that paper! I must say that my 2 colors with the white was crazy fun and ignoring "square" gave the card an awesome look that I never did before.

Entering the following challenges:


Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Oh I adore this here blue, black and a hint of white. Had I been doing a my favorites color I would have done blue and brown but I am happy I tossed the brown and went with black.  This page in person is so much more glitter and pretty than it looks here. I love how things fell together but if I could change one thing it would be my "friends" sign, I would make it silver or at least not a goldish color.  But sometimes we do not have everything perfect in our possession! I am entering the following challenges but I would love to thank Scrap fit for the layout. YES it looks so nice completed and it looks even better with the photos LOL!


Entering a few over at Scrap Fit the sketch ----------stickers ( filigree) -------Ombre accents Monochromatic------------- --swirl/flourish add lace/paper lace anything------------ anything sparkles---------

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Wine tasting "yummy" theme like page.  Wow, I cannot find words to put my sentences together, sorry my mind is in a huge rush. Today we get to go out on the boat as soon as I get a shower and get going. Typing about this page is at the bottom of my mind and swimming is at the top hehe.  Anyways the photos are in sepia tone which gave me the idea for the blacks, browns and whites. There are actually a ton of colors used in this layout but all in the same families so its called Monotone/monochromatic.  I love to work things out like this, makes your details mean so much more than if you had 90 colors and 90 embellishments.

I used glimmer mist spray on all the kraft to make it sparkle more than what it did already.  Hard to get a photo of but I think the second one is better.  The scrap page is dented up a little due to me distressing the edges but once the photos were on the brown mats looked great. I also have a weight on the upper corner to flatten that part.  :D

Entering into the following challenges

Friday, June 1, 2012

Callie page!------

I made this page for a challenge and I am going to enter it into a few more.  Before you guys say anything the smudge on the photo is a glue dot I, you guess it, dropped onto my photo. I have walmart 1 hour printing me a new one so I can replace it before putting the layout into the sleeeve.

Why do I always drop things?  I paint my nails usually right before I craft so I am concerned about messing them up or getting the tacky tape on them.  This is a habit I need to change!

I am starting to love my hand journaling for the most part. For fun pages like this one hand written journaling is great but I still do not want to write on more "grown up" or "elaborate" layouts.

Sketch the hexagon shapes I turned into flowers!