Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fathers day card-------

I love it! I love my little fish, my MAN MAN MAN feeling that it radiates and that its for my daddy.  I tried to stay away from girly things but gah! Even these gems though kinda are manly, right?

No time to talk  will edit it in later! I do have to admit the only reason why that flourish on the side is there is because I dropped my scissors twice and poked two sets of two holes. Happy to use the #1 dad sticker that was given to me years ago. I also have had the dead fish charm for a while. Not often do I use a dead fish charm!

"All Yours"

Ok. Ummm no this is not the blue page I was working on yesterday but I got inspired to knock around with some of this odd red/berry color. Its grand in person and I was shocked that I was able to find embellies that I had around to match well enough with the scheme. I did run out and buy the reddish pearls because I felt that all tan would be too boring! Again, even though the photos give it an element that is required I am not able to show them. The main color in the photos is this reddish color and brown so again, did my best to make it matchy!

Entering into the following challenges: The paper is old old as well as my sticker words.
  I used up some more wedding paper and the words came from last years clearance. *sigh* at least it getting used :)

*TIP* (long one kinda)

I love how the word stickers are placed on the "factory" setting clear sheet thing. I can never get them off and evenly spaced or lined up like the plastic sheet they come on so I started to do my word stickers like this. It saves me time because I do not have to place the letters one at a time and its better than what I can do by my eyeballing it. The "all" is already done but I will show you with the next word. I cut the plastic off about half, or if its a bigger word less than half (because it might stick to its self).

Then I pretty much line it up where I want it and firmly hold down the part that I cut away the plastic clear stuff. Peel off the plastic clear part and try not to do it at too much on an angle you dont want to crease the letters. If a letter comes away no shame, just remember to press firmly next time over the entire part of the word. Take your time and line it back up in place.  Ps.  my "Y" did not stick down and I had to replace it because I was not holding down as well as I should have there.

Press the letters to make sure that they are all stuck.

Enjoy time saved and have a drink. A small one because you need to get back to work!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ok so this is my first WOYWW because I am always ashamed to show my mess. I like clean things and to post a photo of a mess is unlike me. BUT what I will not do for fun is limited so I am starting to post my desk. After all we all have craft mess....I just hide mine after I am done!

Here is my desk, and surrounding area while I work. I use all my space which kills my back and my knees when I bash them jumpiung over paper.  Again, what I will not do for fun :D I am working on the Scrapbook page you see on the desk.  Its not quite done and I had to put it away because husband is coming home in I also, for SNG added a photo of my desk place after cleaned. I cannot stand someone thinking I leave my house like this all the time! LOL

Show off your sexy mess too!

HAHAHA lets write a list of things I will hide next time I take a photo, or at least put away

* Deoderant
* Phone
* Underware (yes clean!)
* Coupons


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Green Monochromatic Scrap page-------

The next 12 pages that I will be making will be doing my best to take photos for the contests prior to matting the photos. I do not have permission to post the photos online, at least not of the people but the colors/background and what not are mine and I can show those! The project is a calendar...yeah a calendar in the middle of the year!

The amount missing in the layout because the photos are not there is huge. The photos had a green hue that I picked up in the page colors and the alterations of the photo made it vintage and soft soft colors.  Tons of fun, you can see below in a paint shop alteration the details I was talking about! I still use paint, and I am not afraid to admit it! At least 5 flowers ----------Anything goes it takes 2 (ribbon) Anything goes ---------Dig out the old MORE chipboard gone!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy birthday Hubby--------

June 3rd is my husbands 24th birthday woots! If you remember I was going to give him all the money I earn to put twords a tv well about 2 or 3 weeks ago we had lighting hit our house or something and break our tv. Go figure he had to go out and get one. Now I kinda and sitting here twillting my thumbs wonder what to get him. He is a big fan of tools and electronics so I am going to pick him up a gift card when he goes to work this weekend and I get the car. Not the best gift, but one that he will use and most likely enjoy. 

The inside tag card that you see pulled out will hold a gift card right below the saying so its a good fit. AND I took a photo before I wrote my lovely words. I am getting better at the blogging thing but I know, I know, again the card came out girly! It seems that this is the best I can do with a male card! Next month is fathers day and then the month after that my daddys birthday so I will have 2 more tries to get the male card "down".  Besides there is no rule saying that male cards cannot sparkle, flower and shine. At least not in my book. As I said on gifts for the husband I prefer images that have a "me" feel to them. Look at this little ladies pixie!

Entering into the following challenges ----------pocket ---------anything goes

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Anniversary Card-----------

I got my first anniversary card done for the husband. I did not add lace, no matter how much I wanted to, nor did I add a ton of glitter. Man, what I give up for him :D.  I adore the finished card, I am getting better at coloring with the new alcohol markers and working with the glue so things are a bit better overall.

My husband will put the card in a drawer so I kind of kept it simple. Hes not a huge fan of major embellished cards so I hope he likes this one!!

Entering into the following challenges.

The paper girls challenge-=========== Chipboard (The swirl and the 2 hearts. Happy to use them!)
Especially for you---------- 3 brads (the 3 brass ones at the bottom of the oval. Using the mans work rule, 2 to watch and 1 for working)
Sassy studio------------ use 3 of something (brads)
Some odd girl----- sketch! Thanks!
Desert Island- Pick at least three! I went with 1 for the husband,3 one year anniversary,7 (those darn chipboard pieces)8 (the charm is new as well as the flowers) 9 (The digi image was free, I won it!) and 10 for the blue hues.
CC&C- ------For the boys My husband!
One stitch at a time--------- Anything goes
Totally Gorjuss--------- Charmed!
Creative inspirations------- anything goes!
Tip top tuesday---------- dig out the old. I dug deep for the chipboard!
Tip- when making an easel card turn everything over to line things up and attach the pieces. Make sure you have your glue already added to the "bottom" of the card not on the "top" part. If you add glue to the top you may add it in the wrong spot and get glue left out. Before I started to do this my easel cards were always crooked, never lined up and had that random glue spot but now I am able to make them look sharp and much nicer. This is probably a very beginner tip for easel card makers, but one I had to learn a long hard way!
Creative Card Crew------------ Dimensions
Kaboodle Doodles- Dress for success ----------Use 2 horded supplies. I horde paper like a mouse with cheese and of course that chipboard! it Frames Kaylee with the green and the flower/chipboard!

Monday, May 14, 2012

candy and update

Sorry I am MIA but I am working on husbands anniversary gift and its going to take a long time. I will not share till after its given to him. Also working on other things but right now I am just so sick. I am sorry! I will upload my cross stitch and my mothers day finished projects!

A post about another bloggers candy. As much as I love prima I could not help but to share this, please get out there and try to win it too!

At one time I had the blog link here but after a month and a half over due I removed the link.  I have no idea what is going on with this blogger.  There has been questions of who the winner was on her blog and FB but no answers yet.  I am not sure if this is a test, accident, hidden results, a trick or what.   I am going to keep following her because her crafts kick butt, but if I referred you and you are sour because of the issues I am sorry.  (You know who you are!) I am sorry!

Good luck everyone, I think those goodies are to use the expression to die for! I have never seen the prima alphabets or many of the other items but I am by far a noob to the prima world. If it has prima in the title I want two!

Hey I see feet :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Glimmer mist trial and FAIL------

Hiya folks. I made a "regular" card these past few days and with not having much time at all to work on it I am happy it got done today. My last and final touch seems to be the DOOM of the card.  I used the new "pearl" glimmer mist and I never used it before. I spritz once, twice, three times and then because I still could not see the glimmer I went insane.  How bad do I feel because I made the paper curl :( I hope after more time to dry and a book on top all things will settle. It even made my ATG gun tape peel. Really, thats a lot overboard with the mist.

I will be giving this card to my niece, she will love the purple and that fact that she got a grown up card. She will never care or see that the stamp is  a bit crooked and that the image is as well.  Ahem, not to mention the paper. Good thing my family has kids that love to be treated with handmade items!

See the lovely glitter---errr and my beginning coloring? The silver circles are from a "outline" sticker. I got them in a swap and I wish I used them more.  I got the idea for the one side flourish from Prima products. Do you see how the gems come off the side of the lace? I tried to do that with this project but it is harder than it looks!!
I love this stamp, I find it so funny and I have been using it way too much. I am gonna check "borderline" for my niece :)

Entered into the following challenges:

C.R.A.F.T challenges------- Buttons ( my leaves are!!)
Christmas card challenge------Humor
2 sisters challenge- ------anything goes
7 Kids------- make it cute
Christmas stamping all year long------- Sparkles
Poodles parlor- -------Anything goes
Digi Doodle shop-------- Anything goes
Paper pretties- ------RIBBON!
Frosted designs---------- Ribbon, Glitter, Purple and stickers
Just magnolia------- anything goes and I added the swirls and pearls (if you will count the pearl shimmer mist)
Ladybug crafts-------- anything but square
papertake weekly-------- cute cute cute
shopping our stash--------- 3 desinger paper
Craft your passion-------- torn edges (the pattern papers are all torn)
Totally Gorjuss------- sketch---Thanks!
totally stampalicious------------ sparkle shine glitter or glam
winterwonderland--------- Photo. I used the purple, silver and gold that you can see on the floor and frames. I did my best to make things sparkle and shine too!
Prairie Fairy- ----------Photo

Sunday, May 6, 2012


There are too many different things going on with this ATC to try to put a word in the title about it.  I tried some new things that I read about over at Frosted designs and I am not too sure if they came out right. I did it like the tutorial said but had to use color and I think that changed the design toooo much.  I hope that anyone that sees it likes it though!

Wicked Wednesday ATC----- Spring
Frosted designs- use resist embossing.  I tried it on the "bloom" part but I think because I used colored product it did not turn out as well as hers.  Once I find a white/light color of embossable marker I will have another go at it.---I am a lucky girl who won some goodies
Frosted Designs-------- Mixed Media ATC
Catch the bug challenge-------- Anything goes
2 sisters challenge------ Anything goes
Atcs with attitude------ Anything

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Miss Anya Atc--------

Hiya! I had to make an ATC today so I decided to use a few items like sketches and themes to help me out. She will be going to live with a shop-a-holic in a few days ;)

The paper girls challenge------- ATC with hop
Wicked W. Weekly ATC----- spring fever
ATC&Cards with attitude- anything goes
Sweet stampin- ----------anything but square
Chocolate coffee and cards- ----------bingo (embossed green paper with flowers and ribbon. I will take a better photo in about 6 hours)

Did not enter, but used Splendid stamping with TGF- sketch.  The challenge closed on the wrong date or something and I am unable to link.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Christmas card- 1 gift

This is my first attempt at a lot of things. First time ever coloring in black and white shade and first time using the new alcohol markers. Before I used a mix of Bic, Promarkers, Copic...and a few others. They would never give me light hues or pastels so I am branching my markers out. Go easy with the critique of the coloring. I am learning to ALWAYS check the marker cap color ( tapped a dark color on her leg thinking it was light), how the markers bleed and what shades can be blended with others well.

Notice some really random items on the card? I have -no- green embellishments and I had to use what I had. When I started to run into all these issues I then had to get even more creative.  When I started to stitch I stitched a HOLE in my card!!! See a HOLE.  I kind of freaked out but then kept on stitching, which I am still getting the hang of.  After my card was stitched together I still had the hole but no ideas to cover it up at all. I went to my "Crap gotta clean up in 2 seconds" drawer and found this little piece of ribbon.  I just had enough to do the two sides.  It is not what I would have liked but it was better than starting all over and overall it does work with the card.

Now for the green flourish on the left. UGH I had little "puffs" of thread that kept sticking up so I put the flourish there to keep the puffs down. This card seems to have a mind of its own especially when I outlined the area in glitter. I could not coordinate my hands with the card and the glitter went where it wanted.  Of course I learned the hard way that you really cannot move glitter. It will leave behind this glossy smear of glue and look worse than a crooked line of glitter.

End result is I love the card, and each challenge that it gave me! I love just about all things I make and always have fun making the items.  I usually...never work with green so that was fun, and made me realise I need more of it.   Be easy with my coloring, just got the markers yesterday and i need to work on blending. My paper was getting too soaked for me to keep going. Practice practice practice.

The following challengs are the ones I am entering into. Seems like a lof of folks are doing anything goes which made my entries kinda high. I am stoping before 25. Thats a lot of work as it is, but I love to share and I love the feeling of joining in on the fun!
Lovely hAnglar- Grey image colored background.
2 Sisters challenge- color challenge----Top 3 :D
Christmas card challenges------ Punches (mat design in card. Fiskars lattice looking one. Matches ribbon!)
Fussy and Fancy- -----------Punches and dies
The poodles parlor----------- Anything goes
Crafty Anns--------- Stitching
Crafty Catz---- Anything goes
Christmas stamping---------- Anything goes
CraftyHazelnuts------ ANY sentiment but no word christmas
Kaboodle doodles------ pop/3d dimensions
Crazy4 challenges- Paper piecing
Inky Impressions-------- Anything goes
Magnolia stamp lovers---------- Stitch
Paper Sundaes--------- ribbon and pearl. Who would have thought that my mistake would let me into another contest?
Crafty Sentiments designs---------- Spots or stripes
Papertake weekly- ----------Anything goes
Paper playtime-------- Anything goes
Pixie dust----- emboss (my tree is embossed, dry)
Simon says ----- anything goes
Tottaly Tilda------- Stitching (around the know where the HOLE was :)  )
Winter wonderland------- Girls!
Craft us crazy- I love magnolia and 2 sisters blog inspired the whole color scheme fun!