Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ok so this is my first WOYWW because I am always ashamed to show my mess. I like clean things and to post a photo of a mess is unlike me. BUT what I will not do for fun is limited so I am starting to post my desk. After all we all have craft mess....I just hide mine after I am done!

Here is my desk, and surrounding area while I work. I use all my space which kills my back and my knees when I bash them jumpiung over paper.  Again, what I will not do for fun :D I am working on the Scrapbook page you see on the desk.  Its not quite done and I had to put it away because husband is coming home in I also, for SNG added a photo of my desk place after cleaned. I cannot stand someone thinking I leave my house like this all the time! LOL

Show off your sexy mess too!

HAHAHA lets write a list of things I will hide next time I take a photo, or at least put away

* Deoderant
* Phone
* Underware (yes clean!)
* Coupons



  1. Ah but is clean creative ? Well that's what I tell myself everytime my once tidy desk disappears beneath more paper debris & projects !! Have a fun crafty week ! Ali #47

  2. Scrappage looks cool - didn't spot any undies LOL BJ #35

  3. This is a great space - loads going on, but not mess! Helen, 8

  4. YOur space is so neat and tidy, I didn't spot any undies either and I did look LOL

    Eliza #140

  5. You are too funny! My craft room is always a creative mess! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a great comment - you had me literally laughing out loud! Pinterest is addicting but oh so fun and oh so inspirational! Have a great weekend!!

  6. You look super organised. Have a great weekend


  7. Hi CarlyJo, sorry I'm so late commenting, been having problems with my computer. According to the list you are my ATC recipient I will email you my details so you can forward your address.Sooo, I too cannot spot the undies lol, but I like your Love Ya scrapbook page and the lovely box of flowers.I wish my work space was so neat !
    Lottie x #164

  8. Hi again, can't seem to find your email address so here is mine
    look forward to hearing from you
    lottie x

  9. Hi
    me again. I believe you are above me on the list for an ATC so please send me your address to

    Carol x

  10. I love your workspace! I do understand about not wanting to post a pic of your mess! I felt the same way until I began to visit a few others. Looks like a nice layout you're working on. Valerie #174

  11. I still have no address for your ATC? My email is 2 posts up.


    1. Carol I have contacted you early June. You are not to send to me, I am to send an ATC to you.