Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Challenge Entry ----------

Ok, here I go again! I had a sit down with my self and decided that I would not make any more cards.  I do not use cards, well one every now and again for a birthday but not enough to make challenge after challenge.  I love the idea that I am going to make Rolodex cards (Which I already collect) and submit those as my challenge.  I must admit, I have 2-4 inches to work with and others have 7-5 inches so I will still be overpowered for the most part.  I am also going to start bunting around my craft room so you may see those as well!

I like taking part in these challenges, making these. I think winning or being mentioned would just be the icing on the cake.  Anyway this altered rolodex card that I made is for Meljen's Button week challenge if I am lucky you can see it here too! I had an image I bought somewhere along the way of a mom cat and her kittens. I sat down and went through my buttons.  When I seen the heart I knew what I was doing, just got to get it to fit on the rolodex card!  Anyways the following is the results! I wish I had a light box and photo taking props. It kinda looks -blah- like that. 

Tha "back" is left blank, when I send it I will write my info like full name and address.

This joined one will be submitted to the challenge.

Yes I will --------

I made a card for the Some odd girl design challenge and then went to bed disgusted with my card, ashamed to put it on their website. Have you seen the creations on there, they are masterpieces--makes mine look like rubbish! But after an hour I hopped out of bed and by golly I am posting the card! I made little adjustments but I really love it now. Even when I do not win on odd girls I win because I did not give up. Even though I almost did! Below are the design colors, and then below that should be my card. Remember I am new new new to this so if things do not show up or are wrong please be forgiving. Here is a Odd girls link, I hope it shows up right! Some Odd girls blog...If I am lucky!  I tried my very best with the colors. I did not own a touch of that teal color :(

Click to make bigger

Switched brand new blogs!

Blog doing is not easy, and not for the..the people like me?  I started my very first one yesterday but found out that site will not let me do some things I want so I came here! 

Ok, I must say that Some odd girl blog and Meljen's Designs are the two main reasons why I want, want, want to start making cards for challenges. Those are 2 of my favorite digital stamp makers out of a whole world wide web. But anyway I will be joining Meljens Button challenge and in order to do that I needed to have a blog. Talk about inspiration! Anyway my next post should indeed be my button and color challenge card!

Lets see if this link works,
Meljin's Challenge Oh my goodness how do I get the blinky things on here? Please? Any help?