Monday, October 29, 2012

Crafty mess update

This is my craft room as of 10-29-2012

Seems to just always increase in storage needs :) I have a space that I appreciate and never want taken from me but OH what I could do with straight walls! I would have at least 3 feet extra without those barn walls.  This is not really a room, just a space above my stairs leading to our 1 and only bedroom! I gotta totally hand it to my husband for getting those desks up our stairs.  I really love the desks and my workspace (considering this is a before picture!) it shows me and my father (not impressed with the room) and thinking on how to fix that! Challenge yo show off the crafting space!

 These two photos show my in progress storage containers. Each box is a mini album I am working on and oh boy its too many LOL.  Sorry, I should have put some effort into cleaning up, but sheesh

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Whoo-ligans Mini album

I so badly miss challenges and all that super fun stuff. Since I started to make mini albums I have not done a card, layout of any size or even been able to pull out my personal supplies. BUT I have started a goal. After the next 25 minis are done I will return to my blogging for fun and for full time.  I just wish making minis was a chore and not my favorite thing to craft right now so that I could get a few scrap pages done. 
Sigh, "tough woes"

Joining the following challenges Made my own flowers, the two tulle ones on the cover!------

Winter Joy MIni album




Challenges for this mini album Gift, so happy to be using up the last of my Winter Joy paper! well, I am sad to see it gone :(-------

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Simple Stories Mini album Sold

Hi!! This is a lovely Mini album! 6 (double sided) pages, 4 pockets and 4 tags!
Tons of places for photos and TONS of journaling spots. Great colors and very trendy! 
Cover- Tons of layers with cute paper, a little banner, pearls and rhinestones!

1st page and 2nd page! On the left page there is a ribbon with slider for you to put your photo under! The right page has a spot for 2 walletish photos. Photo slips under embellishments

3rd page and pocket- the left page has another spot for a photo with a cute collection of embellishments. Photo slips under embellishments  The right pocket is smaller and holds a tag (tags seen at end)

2 pockets Tags inside each, tags at the end of the photo list

Back of the second pocket Right page is the 4th page has a huge photo mat and of course photo slips under embellishments

5th page and 6th page- BOTH pages have a space to journal and place your photo that slips under the embellishment
7th page has a double matted photo, check journaling area that photo slips under. The right pocket is smaller and holds a tag (tags seen at end)
inside of the last 2 pockets, each holds a tag thats shown at end

Back of the second pocket. Right page is the 8th page has a belly band that holds 3 photo mats that can hold 6 photos, one on each side. I will include extra embellishments if you wish to embellish the matts more!

9th page and 10th page- BOTH pages have double mats that hold a photo, yup that slips under the embellishement!

the 4 tags and 3 photo mats!

Extra embellishments for the mats or where ever you please!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Mind's eye Christmas Mini Album Sold

My minds eye lost and found christmas
8 pages 6 pockets and 6 tag oh my!
Some how I am missing tons of pages! TONS of photos are not able to be shown. Please watch the video and it will walk your though the mini album!
Front cover with ties. The beads on the far side is removeable and can be kept on the book or elsewhere.

1st and 2nd page- left page has a large photo mat with a tab area for a small journaling. Right page has a beautiful image of Santa and a Merry Christmas on both pages

Missed a photo of the 3rd page and front of pocket, so sorry! Please see the video, I showed it then!
Inside of both pockets holding the tags

Back side of pocket and the 4th page. 4th page can hold 2 walletish size photos on the mat, or you can cover up the saying in the middle and add 1 large photo.

 Large area to fit your photos

? page and front of pocket Sorry, I am missing photos and I am unsure what page number this is. Please see video to help walk you though the book!

Inside of pockets showing pages behind that I cannot get the photo to upload!

Sorry, I am missing photos and I am unsure what page number this is. Please see video to help walk you though the book!

Last pages! Photo mat doubled on the left as well as the right page. The right page photo can slip under the large journaling card at the bottom!

Graphic 45 tropical travelogue

6 pages using cascade mini album by KaiserCraft
"Front" page has layers of papers, embellishments and a peacock feather!
Left page has a pocket holding 2 tags and a space about 2.5x2.5 for a photo. The right page had a flip out in two ways to reveal a cute image inside and 3 spaces for photos.
Left page has a space about 3x2.5 for a photo. Right side has a slide out tagwith a photo mat about 2.5x4 
Left side has a tag holder with various embellishments around it. Right side has a multi flip out area held back by a circle embellishment. Tons of space for journaling.

Left page has a photo space about 3x4 right side has 2 photo spaces in different sizes, also depends on how you plan to lay them out. The hemp wraps around the 5th page with a fish charm and a double knot.

Left page has a photo mat and a place for journaling. The hemp is loose enough to fit photos and tags under. Right side has another pull out tag with cheese cloth and other embellishments for the space. Photo area about 2.5x5