Monday, October 29, 2012

Crafty mess update

This is my craft room as of 10-29-2012

Seems to just always increase in storage needs :) I have a space that I appreciate and never want taken from me but OH what I could do with straight walls! I would have at least 3 feet extra without those barn walls.  This is not really a room, just a space above my stairs leading to our 1 and only bedroom! I gotta totally hand it to my husband for getting those desks up our stairs.  I really love the desks and my workspace (considering this is a before picture!) it shows me and my father (not impressed with the room) and thinking on how to fix that! Challenge yo show off the crafting space!

 These two photos show my in progress storage containers. Each box is a mini album I am working on and oh boy its too many LOL.  Sorry, I should have put some effort into cleaning up, but sheesh

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  1. I think the non traditional walls are what makes it so cool !!