Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Challenge Entry ----------

Ok, here I go again! I had a sit down with my self and decided that I would not make any more cards.  I do not use cards, well one every now and again for a birthday but not enough to make challenge after challenge.  I love the idea that I am going to make Rolodex cards (Which I already collect) and submit those as my challenge.  I must admit, I have 2-4 inches to work with and others have 7-5 inches so I will still be overpowered for the most part.  I am also going to start bunting around my craft room so you may see those as well!

I like taking part in these challenges, making these. I think winning or being mentioned would just be the icing on the cake.  Anyway this altered rolodex card that I made is for Meljen's Button week challenge if I am lucky you can see it here too! I had an image I bought somewhere along the way of a mom cat and her kittens. I sat down and went through my buttons.  When I seen the heart I knew what I was doing, just got to get it to fit on the rolodex card!  Anyways the following is the results! I wish I had a light box and photo taking props. It kinda looks -blah- like that. 

Tha "back" is left blank, when I send it I will write my info like full name and address.

This joined one will be submitted to the challenge.

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