Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Incy Wincy Challenge-----------

Holy snaps this was harder than I thought!  I used this challenge paired with Meljens challenge and I think the results really impress me.  Sure simple things get me all the time but for real, I am happy with the projects that I make (90% of the time) Here you had to "tic tack toe" a row of three. it sounds easy but some items I just do not own.  I did my best and used all but the odd (whats odd shaped these days?) gems, heat embossing and charm. 

Callie loves to cuddle with anyone in sight, it makes for a great picture and a great kitty!

Here is a shot of just the new right side I made. Both this post and last post are made to go together I just had to stop and eat in between sides.

Hop over to incy wincy and add your project, there are SO MANY cute ones to make you feel that yours are subpar :D


  1. Fabulous project, LOVE the bright colours too! Great to see you at Incy Wincy this week, hugs Samantha :0)

    Please please consider turning off word Verification its really hard to read and taken me 5 goes to post on your blog Comment moderation is a better way of protecting your blog :0)

    1. Thank you for taking the time to fight with the word veri. I was unaware it was even on till the 18th. It took me a while but I was able to turn it off, sorry but thank you!