Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Duo challenge---------

There was a new kind of challenge in town and I took it on. 

Scrap fit has asked me to list things. They did not care, they wanted numbers listing something so I did a layout of my kitties favorite toys.  She can always be seen with one (or all!).  On the right side I listed them, I wanted to do a

1. playing kitty
2. playing kitty
3. playing kitty

and show images of her playing and then crashing to sleep as she usually does but I was not sure if that kind of numbering would be accepted. I played safe. I can always use that wording on many more pages. Lord knows I have photos of my cat playing and sleeping!

The layout was a goodie to be altered a bit to work with my size. I did my best to fit it to a 6x6 layout and I hope that does not disqualify me. I used the layouts inner most design and pushed it up a bit. Please (blog readers if there is anyone) let me know if you think I have pushed too far. I can still see the original design but maybe thats only me.

                                                     see below The Paper Variety sketch.

An upclose of the two pages apart.   Wish me luck, I loved making them so thats cool:)


  1. kitty's and boxes are always fun...lovely work and a sweet kitty!

  2. Can totally see the sketch over the two pages - I always interpret sketches in a very loose manner - all good! Love seeing cats and boxes - they're like little kids. xx

  3. Nice LO...I like the rounded edges. Thanks for linking up with TPV-Holly :-)

  4. Fun layout!! Aren't kitties the best?! I love the color combo you used, and the pics are awesome <3
    Thank you for playing along with us at The Paper Variety :)